The Art of Thomas Aquinas Daly


The Art of Thomas Aquinas Daly:
The Painting Season

The Painting Season tracks the artist’s seasonal cycles of observation and creativity as he visually transcribes his experiences as an avid and perceptive outdoorsman. Trout streams, salmon rivers, wild flowers and game are among the subjects of his classic landscape and still life paintings. This volume features a generous collection of over 100 full color reproductions along with several black and white etchings.

The hardcover edition is available for $60, and can be inscribed upon request. Shipping and handling charges are $4 for media mail or $8 for priority mail.

Special remarqued editions of The Painting Season are also available. These include a large original pencil drawing (approximately one half page) and artist’s signature on the title page. The additional cost for a remarque is $200.

To order, please call 585 492 0846.

Painting Natures Quiet Places

Published by Watson-Guptill and released in 1985, this insightful and educational book is currently out of print. Used copies are highly coveted among collectors and artists alike, and are occasionally available from used book sellers or on eBay.

“The Painting Season contains brilliant reproductions of the work of one of the finest painters of our time... His paintings are not so much about the natural world as they are an extraordinary extension of it.”
—Gray's Sporting Journal